Why a Portable Deck Kit Is Preferable to an Outdoor Rug

Why a Portable Deck Kit Is Preferable to an Outdoor Rug

18 January 2022
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People who go camping often want some type of material that they can place below where they sit to eat. For many camping enthusiasts, an outdoor rug is a popular choice. If you're thinking about buying this camping accessory, it's worthwhile to consider a product that can offer more benefits. A portable deck kit is a structure that you can set up in a short amount of time, giving you a deck-like surface beneath your feet. Whether you're tent camping or traveling in an RV and want to set up some furniture and a cooking area, a portable deck kit can be a good choice. Here are some reasons that it can be preferable to an outdoor rug. 

It Won't Retain Water

Using an outdoor rug on the ground at your campsite might have benefits when the weather is good, but some issues arise if it rains. If it rains for even a short period of time, you can expect that the water will soak into the fibers. The rug may stay wet for the entirety of your camping trip, which means that it won't be very pleasant to walk across barefoot. A portable deck kit, meanwhile, won't retain water. While its surface will get wet during the rain, the water will run through the gaps in the deck and the top will soon dry.

It's Easier to Manage

If you were to buy an outdoor rug to use while camping, there's a good chance that you'd want it to be large enough to easily accommodate several chairs and a picnic table. The challenge of using a rug this big is that it can be challenging to manage. When you roll it up to pack in your vehicle, it will be long and quite heavy — two things that can make carrying it a challenge. This won't be an issue with a portable deck kit, as it breaks down into small, manageable tiles that you connect together.

It's Safer

An outdoor rug can pose a safety risk to people. These rugs can often have wrinkles on their surface, and these wrinkles can be a trip hazard to those who are walking across the rug — especially when the light is low. It's possible that someone could trip over a wrinkle or a curled-up edge of the rug and sustain a serious injury. When you use a portable deck kit, you can trust that you'll have a flat, smooth surface that is easy for people to navigate.

For more information about portable patio decks, contact a camping supplies provider.

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