Why Waterfront RV Resorts Are The Best Kind Of Vacation

Why Waterfront RV Resorts Are The Best Kind Of Vacation

27 February 2023
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Consider camping for the best kind of vacation, but there is no need to "rough it". Instead, stay at an RV resort, a true hidden gem for family getaways, and enjoy a slew of amenities and experiences. Check out area RV resorts online to see what guests and visitors have to say- and plan your well-deserved vacation today!  

With something for everyone, here is why a waterfront RV resort is the best kind of vacation, hands down:   

Idyllic Weather

The weather is idyllic for anyone who is sick of the cold and snow. That is why RV resorts and parks are home to so many snowbirds throughout the year. Florida is the perfect reprieve from the Northeastern winter, but if you don't care for the summer heat, a vacation is the perfect compromise.  

Great Outdoors 

RV resorts and parks offer something that most hotels and AirBnBs do not: time in nature. If you want to get back in touch with Mother Nature, but with all the necessary conveniences and amenities, then an RV park, especially on the water, is the ideal vacation destination.  

Awesome Amenities 

The amenities are what really distinguish an RV resort from a park or other accommodation. These options make it possible for guests to stay on-site, without the need to leave the resort unless they so choose. You will find amenities at an RV resort often include these features: 

  • Laundry 

  • Free wi-fi 

  • Swimming 

  • Bathrooms and showers 

  • Picnic tables and firepits or rings 

  • Pet-friendly facilities 

  • Camp store 

Many of these resorts also provide entertainment for guests in the form of regular activities, events, games, and movies. Check the resort or park calendar online to see what is planned and scheduled before your trip.  

Convenient Comfort

RV Resorts are more luxurious than staying at a state park or an RV park. There are often restaurants and pubs in these locales, or within walking distance. There is attention on the resort facilities, so you may notice extras like a gym or clubhouse on-site. An RV resort is different from an RV park, just like a hotel may differ from a motel. You can expect the basics with both, but the distinctions make the RV resort the perfect vacation spot.  

Less Stress 

The freedom of hitting the road and going where the day takes you can be a great way to de-stress and de-compress from everyday living. A waterfront vacation is a great way to lower your anxiety; enjoy the hospitality and unique offerings of a highly rated and reviewed RV resort in sunny Florida.  

To find that perfect hidden gem of an RV resort, you need to do some research. Better yet, visit and take a look for yourself. Decide what is most important for you and your loved ones, and then escape to an RV resort that checks your boxes. For a vintage Florida-style camping experience, you can't go wrong with an RV resort in Navarre. Visit virtually online today!  

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